This card functionally reads as "You get +1 skill value to 2 different tests" due to it being immediately available from the discard pile.

This means it will work wonderfully with anyone who cares about on-commit effects such as Minh Thi Phan (with her Analytical Mind), who already loves cards like A Glimmer of Hope. With Persistence, she essentially gets to commit it once for +2, then again for another +2! (The same can also be said for anyone using any variant of Grisly Totem).

It could also work in a Patrice Hathaway deck. She loves wildcard skills that allow her to improvise to whatever situation she finds herself in. Secondly, she loves cards that can be played from the discard pile, considering how quickly she goes through her deck.

It's a shame Winifred Habbamock can't take it, though.

snacc · 944
Seal of the Elders

Being a trainer is super cool, but your Pokemon is hard to heal. Most healing cards in this game can only heal investigators or allies. Here is cards you can heal cards with only summon traits:

Call for Backup can heal both damage & horror form almost any card.

Rite of Equilibrium can heal horror, and it just fits your deck.

Ancient Stone or Solemn Vow from your teammate. Appreciated.

Let me know if i missed something.

OnThinIce · 7
First aid (3), Bandages, emergency Aid, inspiring Presence, the smoothing melody of the mirror, bizzare diagnosis, surgical kit. Here are some more cards mostly from the guardian and seeker pool — Tharzax · 1
@Tharzax Did you actually read the review? Those are all cards that specifically heal investigators or "Ally"-traited assets. Neither the Keeper of the Key nor the Servant of Brass possess the "Ally" trait. — snacc · 944
Gray's anatomy can "heal" the summons , I guess. Not a situation that you'd really see much of in actual play tho.. — bee123 · 25
I missed the point that they where no allies. — Tharzax · 1
Hank Samson

Some rules I had reviewed when trying out Hank for the 1st time, collected for your reference :

  • Engaged enemies attacks in order of your choosing. Each attack "dealt" damage / horror, then you have to go through assign then apply, then you continue to the next enemy's attack. Hank's full heal ability can be triggered in the apply step inside each attack. This allow you to intentionally take smaller enemy attacks first such that you goes to the brim (4/4) before taking the biggest hit the last to go way past 5/5, then perform full heal.
  • When using Hank's ability to tank for others, you must place damage / horror tokens on Hank Samson card and not any other soak assets he has. The "dealt" occurs to other investigator, when they are going through their assign step (which they can assign to their own soaks as normal), the ability additionally allow using Hank Samson card as if he is their own soak asset. "You" in Hank's ability does not allow using any other assets Hank controls, "you" only works that way in response to taking / being dealt step, this is already the assign step.
  • The Ally clause allow Hank to take hits for treacheries/ability that specifically said to deal damage/horror to Ally asset. (Worded like on Beat Cop (2), Field Agent, ...) But if it said deal "direct" damage/horror to Ally then you can't. (Like TCU Spoiler.) Hank's ability work in assign step and direct damage/horror rule said it "cannot be assigned or re-assigned elsewhere".

5argon · 7247
I'm not sure if Peter's heal is going to be blocked by his bond card's You cannot be healed. In previous ruling being dealt damage includes asset being dealt damage, would that also mean being healed include asset being healed? In that case, Peter's healing will be blocked. — ben_feng0415 · 1

In Dealing Damage/Horror rule, after you assigned all the damage / horror tokens, the apply damage/horror step goes in this order : Investigator > Enemy > Asset. Sometimes this mattered such as trying to make Devil explode in Enemy Phase. If the assign step would defeat you at the same time Devil, you get defeated first and elimination rule will discard Devil before it could explode.

5argon · 7247
There are only two steps in the order. What you are describing is the bullet points for Step 2. Nothing in the rules suggests a priority order for them. In fact, the rules specify that damage is applied simultaneously. And since Devil's Forced effect has a 'when' timing, it will resolve before the effects of defeat resolve for the investigator and Devil. — Death by Chocolate · 1357
Drain Essence

This card is perfect for Parallel Agnes, especially in the first few scenarios. You can now safely run In the Thick of It and put the trauma to HP as you now have another reliable way to pseudo-heal (aside from Hallowed Mirror of course).

ichinokata00 · 245