Ceremonial Sickle

A good starter weapon for off-mystic guardian investigators. It doesn't take a slot for Lilly Chen and its the ability to get a +2 on tap for a +1 dmg is great for Sister Mary, who struggles to push her fist to reasonable amount. Note that it doesn't have a supply or amno cost attached for a relatively cheap weapon (3r for one handed). The doom can be mitigated if you have another weapon (enchanted blade) or spell besides it in case of autofail on the first attempt to kill a 3hp enemy.

It can be a great pick for Diana as well, since it starts at a reasonable amount for skill tests (3+2) and can be further boosted with daring. In mid game, you will probably be capped in willpower and have some other boosts to complement it. Since it's an item and a weapon, it can also be tutored with back-pack and prepared for the worst, which can be another argument to go for it as those tutors also fetch for her mandatory signature.

mugu · 35
Jacqueline Fine

For those interested in detailed probabilities, here is what I have computed, and the comparison with a default investigator. The bag I use is the following: [+1 (elder sign), +1, 0, 0, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -3, -3, -4, -4, AUTO_FAIL];

Result Base prob% Cum. Base prob% Jacqueline prob% Cum. Jacqueline prob% Jacqueline diff%

The "cum. prob" is the probability to have a result higher or equal to the given value.

So Jacquelines offers a nice bonus probability on everything.

Climooo · 3
Research Notes

Conventional wisdom tells us that when we're in hole, first stop digging. But if you commit #Analysis to the Intellect test on #Research Notes, it's hard not to double down on a bad first (or second...) token pull by repeatedly using the reaction ability.

PJFrigate · 60
"Look what I found!"

Oops! and Dumb Luck are more restrictive, but "Look what I found!" can easily trigger off a failed Investigate action on a Concealed card. Not a bad consolation prize, but potentially easy to overlook. If you're holding this card and your location has both clues and Concealed cards, it's probably (often) best to Investigate Concealed first.

PJFrigate · 60

Strangely, this card doesn't specify a "non-weakness" Item, so one could remove Daisy's Necronomicon from the game.

(Finding how Daisy can play a 2xp card is left as an exercice to the reader. This would have been easier for Minh if The King is Yellow was an item.)

Emmental · 27
The silly solution is Versatile to include "You Owe Me One!", but the simple solution is Eidetic Memory. That said, even if she had it in her hand without hoops, I'm not sure how worthwhile it is. you spend an action to remove it from the game and get 0 resources - which is only useful if you are spinning your deck, but then you would have likely had to spend an additional 3 actions to have gotten it out of play earlier. Most Daisy decks would rather just play around it being in play for the rest of the game than spend 4 actions disposing of it. So I think the 'why Daisy would play it' is a much harder exercise than the how. It is a cheeky interaction in paper though. — Death by Chocolate · 1258
Teamwork would also work with versatile and other investigators. It works better since you can play it when this card is in your hand. (black market should also work if you are lucky) — Tharzax · 1
Players can’t control someone else’s signature card or weakness so teamwork can’t hand it over — Django · 4434
You should hand over salvage not the necronomicon. — Tharzax · 1
Salvage is not an item, ally or resource, so not a valid target for teamwork. — zrayak · 79
You are right I thought you could trade just cards — Tharzax · 1