Word of Weal

Regarding the FAQs on this site, precisely the paragraph:

She uses High Roller on the test (it could be Teamwork'd over). [...] Adding High Roller’s bonus would only add +2 Willpower one time. She’d still test at 8.

That's not entirely true. There might be some card in the future, enabling that combination, but Teamwork is not that card, and I don't see any other currently. Teamwork allows to trade Item assets, Ally assets and resources. High Roller is none of the above, but a Talent.

Susumu · 296
Versatile into "You owe me one!" does the trick — Nenananas · 224
Yes. That's an incredible non-sense jank to do. And would only happen at random, after all, you don't know, if the other Player has high Roler in his hand. But I give you credit, that this in theoretical possible. — Susumu · 296
Black market high roller would also do the job pretty easily, if for some reason you wanted to make this happen — NarkasisBroon · 10
Jacob Morrison

Jacob Morrison is a good card if you are taking a lot of bless tech (like Keep Faith, Spirit of Humanity, & Favor of the Sun).

However, he does need to compete with other cards for deck space and there is one card in particular that is very similar to him: Granny Orne

Both cards are 3 XP.

Granny costs 1 more.

Granny gives a static +1 to 2 stats while Jacob has no stat boosts.

Granny gives a +1 to a failing test every round. Jacob gives a +2 after every time you draw a bless token but needs help generating those bless tokens.

Granny can soak more horror but less damage.

Conclusion: Granny is more versatile and can be powerful in a lot more decks. Jacob can be very good but needs a deck built to his strengths and even in the best of situations is only a little better than Granny.

david6680 · 44
+2 to change a failed test is much better than +1. Just think of a 2 shroud location where you can't fail if Jacob is ready (except the tentacle?). There might also other options to ready him outside of bless tokens like Pete's ability. — Tharzax · 1
No, Tharzax. The +2 from Jacob gets applied in conjunction with other modifiers, so you might still end up in failing a test. It's the same as with Lucky. (See the "Danny" example" in the RR for clarification.) I would say, though, that Jacob has an ability for any stat, not just willpower and intellect. If combat and agility are more relevant for your build, you will certainly prefere him. — Susumu · 296
I think the reason I so often prefer Granny is that the static +1 to Willpower is useful in every campaign and will sometimes prevent you from having to use the reaction to get a +1 so you can use it elsewhere. If you are building an enemy management character with bless tech, Jacob is better. In every other situation, I'd take Granny first. — david6680 · 44
Friends in Low Places

Another review tells details about FiLP and it is really helpful when you read it! In this review, I'll talk about some parts easily overlooked.

First, rogue class has really few tutor cards, and FiLP is second rogue tutor card and first 0 level rogue tutor card; first one is Lucky Cigarette Case (3). In fact, survivor class is almost similar, i.e., they has only two tutor cards: Flare (1) and Rabbit's Foot (3). IMO, Preston Fairmont is really love FiLP.

Second, Bolstering gives icon. It means added card can be commited into any type of the test, regardless of the icon it has. For example, we can commit "Watch this!", Manual Dexterity, or Overpower into Lockpicks test. Moreover, non-icon card can be commited into the test, such as Dark Memory, The Devil • XV or Pay Your Due. (note: only player card type of weakness can be committed using this method.)

Third, Prompt + Shift make us play any non-fast event at any window. It is useful between 3.2 and 3.3 or during the test of the encounter card. Outside of that, it is also useful when making the example with the non-fast event playing as fast speed.

Lastly, FiLP states "look" and "add" cards. Thus, it does not interact with lots of seeker cards, such as Mandy Thompson, Astounding Revelation or Cryptic Writings.

Traits note for skill cards (Bolstering)

  • Most skill cards have either innate or practiced. None has both traits. Thus, it's recommended to choose either innate or practiced.
  • ALL developed cards are innate. ALL expert cards are practiced. Choosing developed or expert for default trait is useless, and that for Versatile trait may reduce 1 resource cost. Only one exception is Seal of the Elder Sign. It is Expert but not Practiced.
  • Here is list of the skill cards neither innate nor practiced. arkhamdb search link
  • Another candidates for Versatile is Gambit, including "Watch This!", Copycat, and Calculated Risk.

Traits note for event cards

  • The traits for events are variable, but here are the main type of event traits not considering classes: tactic, insight, spirit, spell, supply, fortune, trick, favor.
  • In many cases, it depends on your deck or the investigator's subclass.
  • Considering rogue class, trick is great candidate for Prompt target. Also, favor is also good target, but most of them in the deck are fast.
elkeinkrad · 424
"Third, Prompt make us play any non-fast event at any Fast window" I think you need 3 XP more for Swift too to do this right? — 5argon · 3879
Oh, it needs both Prompt + Shift. Thanks for your correction! — elkeinkrad · 424

So is there a clear answer on how it works with the Fire Axe?

We have "A triggered ability can only be initiated if its effect has the potential to change the game state, and its cost (if any) has the potential to be paid in full, taking active cost modifiers into account. This potential is assessed without taking into account the consequences of the cost payment or any other ability interactions."

Also, we have "An ability cannot initiate – and therefore its costs cannot be paid – if the resolution of its effect will not change the game state." - And as I guess, "You get +2 for this skill test" will change it.

It is also not specifying "Resources on XXX may be spent to PLAY Armor, Firearm, or Melee cards."

Otki · 8

Just as Slip Away may be a better card for you if you only need to evade occasionally, Trench Coat may be a better card for you if you need to evade frequently. Trench Coat obviously provides a lower bonus and uses a slot (and also does not delay readying for non-Elite enemies) but it does come with two health which can be mighty handy.

GeneralXy · 37