Having a hand slot signature is tricky. Every class has things to do with the hands. Having a hand slot -weapon- signature is even trickier, because throughout a campaign, it’s eventually going to compete with two-handed or really good one-handed weapons. Daniela has a signature that plays really well with her initial ability… But can’t coexist with chainsaw or sledgehammer, the apex damage options in Survivor. Sure, you can run toolbelt, but that competes with old coat(1), which is four soak for one XP and an action. (Bandolier could help hold your weapons, but it can’t hold your signature; It also fights for the body slot, and Daniela can’t upgrade because she levels into survivor.)

Tinker solves this problem masterfully. It attaches to either the weapons or your wrench, whichever comes first. It cost zero XP, a single resource and no actions. Previously, the wrench was a last resort weapon (+2 to hit and two conditional damage is rapidly outpaced by other options). Now, you can use the wrench as flexibly as you always wanted: presumably to taunt Enemies off the cluever, Aloof 1HP enemies in zero actions.

MrGoldbee · 1386
This really does seem like a Daniela card, yeah... she needs that wrench. This also seems like it was built to combo with Cleaning Kit so that getting +3 supplies on, say, a Chainsaw, doesn't cost you an accessory slot. — HanoverFist · 649
Miss Doyle

Playing Miss Doyle with Charlie Kane in a Charlie Kane deck inspired by the mediocre film, Evan Almighty (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0413099/) - This Charlie likes his animals, has a Rod of Animalism and Miss Doyle is perfect for him - two allies in play for the price of one ally slot three (or two with the Rod) resources and only one action... plenty of icons!

Miss doyle gives one wild icon, so +2 to any test, and with Hope, Zeal or Augur there is the double benefit that covers all skill tests other than will tests:

Hope gives you an evade at a base skill of 5... or gives you +2 to either intellect or strength Zeal gives you an attack at a base skill of 5... or gives you +2 to either intellect or agility Augur gives you an investigate at a base skill of 5 or gives you +2 to either strength or agility

So just with Miss Doyle and your free cat lieutenant in play, say Augur, you get to investigate at 7; strength test at 5, agility test at 5 or will test at 4 once per round.

All in, if you are playing a simple Charlie Kane deck for the icon boosts then once powered up Charlie usually gets one good skill test per turn, but with miss doyle in play as well as a few others, its probably two good skill tests, and that is before any shenanegans with automatic successes on offer. With the Rod of Animalism, those three fast cards (Hope, Zeal and Augur) become zero-cost as well (so long as you haven't played another creature that turn.) It's really helpful not to have the resource burden if you want to change cat lieutenant to take advantage of that auto success.

One slight Scarlet keys related semi-spoiler-related question...

If one of the cat-lieutenants (Hope, Zeal or Augur) end up as a "hollow", and Miss Doyle is later discarded, do they get removed from the hollows.

As i read it, being set aside as a hollow is an out of play area... but if Miss Doyle leaves play through normal means (is discarded probably through taking damage/horror) then you search for hope, zeal or augur from the hollows and set them aside out of play... ready to be brought back if Miss Doyle re-enters play?

Phoenixbadger · 194

This is not an incredibly deep analysis, but this card is just incredibly fun to play in any build that allows for this card and Scavenging to be played. It's just a fun little synergy. Used up your supplies? Get it back with Savenging! Needed to commit Lockpicks to a skill test? Get it back with Savanging! Needed to reset a token pull with Wendy's ability? Get it back with scavenging! I know, this isn't something you can't do with Old Keyring or even Flashlight, but this can create fun play patterns when playing with another person who investigates at your location.

Fogshaper · 1
Kōhaku Narukami

Feast of Hemlock Vail launches with one of the most restricted and the least restricted investigators in the game’s history. Kate Winthrop gains, outside her class, access to first aid(0 and 3), emergency aid, and survival technique from her science keyword. If it wasn’t for her access to insight(0-1) she’d be Mono-Yellow.

But this isn’t a Kate review. I say all this because Narukami gains access to more than 110 Blessed/Cursed cards, with a spread across all five classes. And his ability means you can’t ignore the good tokens and let them be a passive benefit (The way Sister Mary could theoretically.)

All previous bless/curse Investigators had an issue: making sure they got their tokens out to power their effects. Favors of the Sun and Moon only went so far to guarantee results, the same with Olive or Jaqueline’s ability to look at more tokens. Narukami’s sig ends that. Do you want to use Fey once a turn for the rest of the game? Sure. Need to trigger Beloved to pass an agility(6) check? It's on tap.

The perils of his deck building are more subtle. First, he only gets Mystic 0-3, so his high-level spells need to be blessed or cursed. Second, you’re not >forced< to make everything blursed. The temptation is to try and cram every single traited card in the deck, without a thought of economy or flow. There’s an opportunity cost to making the chaos bag even more chaotic. If you’re playing in a group, make sure everyone else is capable and eager to ride the tides of fortune.

MrGoldbee · 1386
Hold Up

As a card, not bad, Guardians do love economy cards and his can be a great way to get a weapon in hand while engaged with an enemy. Somewhat niche usage, but any item heavy deck will find a use.

What I am curious about is the wording. "Take a fight action" does not specify a basic action. So I believe a fight action on an asset or a fight event could be used. Of course this balanced by it doing no damage. So using ammo on this seems foolish, same with an event. But, it only cancels the damage. So is Leg Sweep or Cheap Shot is used, it would still evade the enemy. There are probably other combos that I haven't thought of where you can take a secondary effect still. Blessed Blade could add blessings. Rita can take this, do an attack that also evades, play an asset and deal damage with her effect since it is separate from the fight action damage. I don't know if One-Two Punch (0) would count the second fight as outside the event. But if it doesn't, could you get two cost reductions? Or you can get crazy and have Skids or Leo use Cheap Shot or Leg Sweep, evade the enemy, tap Dirty Fighting to do a fight action using the asset you just played. Since the order of operations has the playing an item and the evade triggered simultaneously, so the item can be played, then the evade triggered thus making the Dirty Fighting attack triggered in a separate window (After the evade as opposed to after the fight.)

TL:DR - A useful economy card for certain specific builds. But potentially an engine for shenanigans, whether they are particularly good shenanigans or not, I don't yet know.

dkilkay · 3
It does cost 1, so wining one or more is a necessity to make a profit. Compare this with I'll take that, which cost 0, play after success, does not block the success effect. This is pure grabege. However trick keyword may allow some none bule or green character do something with it, but still it's quite bad since it's played before hand and it has a cost. — ben_feng0415 · 1