Grim Memoir

I wonder why fighters do not get weapons as good like Seekers get their toys. Why is there no lvl 0,1 hand weapon that says you get +2 fight, deal +1 dmg and if you succeed by 2 or more you draw a card? Probably would be a bit too much. You could argue that this does not give +1 clue but the basis of fight is dealing 2 dmg per hit to make it even good, not getting into the thing that getting clues is still more important than dealing dmg, as clues win you the game. Also, why do we not have a card like Crack the Case that is Guardian and says play when you defeat an enemy, gain x resources where x is that enemy's printed fight or health value?

Blood&gore · 102
My guess would be that if enemies are too easy to kill (arguably they already are) then a lot of tension gets removed from the game. The designers probably do want players to succeed at the game and experience the story, and since getting clues is the name of the game (and playing offense to what the game is doing, killing enemies is playing defense) it's necessary that they have good tools to do that. Also, give it time. The game has many more years ahead and there is plenty of design space left. — ArkhamArkhanist · 9
A level 0 1 hand weapon that deals 2 damage with no condition and lets you draw is not an equivalent to this card in the slightest. — SSW · 190
Increased cost, slow, use based, magnifying glass lets you sometimes draw cards.... and all guardians got was runic axe, what a rip off. — Zerogrim · 262
The game wouVariety among the factions is a good thing. Different classes should have different strengths and weaknesses. — Pseudo Nymh · 4
Didn't edit that right, but I stand by the sentences that are complete. :p — Pseudo Nymh · 4
You have a weapon like this: boxing gloves. Get a bonus and draw a card if an enemy is defeated. And you trade the bonus against infinite uses. And the best is that bonus is passive and count for all fight events and other weapons. — Tharzax · 1
Discovering clues and dealing damage are NOT comparable. Undiscovered clues don't attack you, just to name one example. — snacc · 876
Bestow Resolve

Bestow Resolve also brings out the best in the Desperate skills: It makes any Desperate skill a Promise of Power but without the Curse tokens. Consider this in a low-sanity character who is likely to spend time at or below three Sanity. Before they drop into that range, Bestow Resolve plus any Desperate skill gives them +4 on any test, and after they drop to that Sanity level you can save charges by using a Desperate skill as written.

It also adds late game flexibility to Soothing Melody--if you don't need the healing, each of them becomes a three-wild skill boost.

I just built a super fun (but admittedly janky) Diana deck that uses Astronomical Atlas with Bestow Resolve. I think skill cards in general needed a little more love.

PJFrigate · 66
What makes you so sure Bestow Resolve bypasses the commit restriction on the desperate skills? — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Ohhhhh...good question! In fact, now I'm not sure.... It still like the combo once one reaches Desperate status, but you raise a very good point. Thank you. — PJFrigate · 66
It certainly does not overwrite the max. 3 Sanity requirement, but it certainly fits great with desperate skills. I build a "Desperate Diana" myself some time ago, with double "Arcane Research" and "St. Hubet's Key", so aiming to be desperate turn 1, and I was thinking myself to implement "Bestow Resolve", should I revisit that deck some day. (I have currently too many unplayed investigators to do so.) — Susumu · 271
"Skids" O'Toole

I see Skids getting so much flak from AH content creators and it makes me sad. They underestimate the man, and I've always had a soft spot for the underdogs. And I think this is because they're playing Skids sub-optimally.

I'm of the opinion that you should try to maximize an investigator's special ability. Along with their statline and deckbuilding options, an investigator's special is what defines them. Virtually all special abilities are action compression/advantage and Skids' is online from the start without any extra stipulations. You start with 5 resources, so you have 2.5 actions banked. And thinking along these lines, I want to be taking my 4th action as often as I can. This means I don't want to be spending actions and resources playing assets. What I want to be doing with Skids is committing to tests and over-succeeding. Skids loves his Lucky Cigarette Case and the new Thieves' Kit is functionally Dr. Milan Christopher for him.

Between the and cardpool, Skids has some of the best access in the game with Take the Initiative, Quick Thinking, Daring, Calculated Risk, "Watch this!" (basically a icon, honorable mention), Daredevil which you can reasonably guess what you'll hit when you play it and it'll give you info as to when you're more likely to draw your weaknesses, and even Cunning and Steadfast have served me well. Interestingly, despite his 2 , I've found that he's pretty resilient to tests as long as you're willing to commit, and I think you should. Skids should absolutely run Guts and not be afraid of throwing cards at the test, because as Skids you're going to use the tests the game throws at you on it's turn to gain tempo and prepare for your turn.

I actually play Skids a lot like you'd play Winifred Habbamock, overcommit to tests and get rewarded. I'm not opposed to paying 2 resources to draw a card if nothing else presents itself. If I said there was a Permanent card that cost 0 XP, 0 resources, and only read: " Spend 2 resources: Draw 1 card." would you play it? This is often functionally what Skids ability is for me, with the flexibility and possibility of being anything else I need it to be. (Of course, I'm aware of provoking AoO.)

He also has some of the best encounter deck control in the game with First Watch, "Let me handle this!", "You handle this one!", and On the Hunt. I also think Skids is the closest thing in the game we have to a "dodge tank" -- he doesn't really want to fight enemies (guns are expensive, and his is 3) but with 4 he can evade most things, and with 's many, many icons he should have no problem locking enemies down. His signature On the Lam is said to be weak, but on the contrary I think it's very strong. Consider that the designers thought Infighting was worth 3 XP. Whether that's a mis-evaluation on their part or not, Skids' signature is way more powerful than that. And the ability to Taunt enemies off your teammates and then ignore them completely is not to be underestimated. Get enemies off your friends, and laugh as you play "I'll see you in hell!" or "I'm outta here!" after dragging them away.

Which is not to say that Skids can't be a killer. He absolutely can with access to both Vicious Blow and Hatchet Man and the skills his cardpool offers. When I go that route Overpower and Vicious Blow are some of my 1st upgrades. I've had a fun time lately with Sledgehammer one-shotting 4 and 5 health enemies. The new Toe to Toe is also great for him.

My main point here is that Skids likes skills and he likes 0 cost events, and as reviewer AndyB pointed out on his original card page, Skids likes speed. So maximize his special ability. Run low to the ground, setup quickly, and get to investigating. Stay flush with cards (the neutral skills like Guts, Perception, Manual Dexterity help, as does fun stuff like Three Aces and Easy Mark) and use the game's treachery tests as a spring board to powering your turn. That's just my 2 cents.

Finn is Dodge Tank. — MrGoldbee · 1315
Skids has certainly become substantially stronger as the rogue card pool has fleshed out with more and more big money stuff. When skids came out with the core set maintaining 30 resources would have been laughable. But I regularly see big money rogues get to 40 or 50 now. That's a lot of extra actions for skids ;-) — NarkasisBroon · 10
Skids is awesome. His ability to gamble for resources is very powerful and if you bet 0 resources you can do some cheese with succeed by X and skill cards. It's also great that he starts with a thin (25+3 cards) deck. I don't know what you mean with this 2 resources for an action ability and guardian cards however. — PowLee · 13
@MrGoldbee Finn does a good job at dodging for himself, but less effective at controlling enemies on other players, imo. Skids has the tools to rescue friends. — ArkhamArkhanist · 9
Down the Rabbit Hole

More a Question for a FaQ

lets say I have a legal starting deck with bloodpact, but then, upgrade it to bloodpact (3), would down the Rabbit hole trigger when I add a new card to fill out the one that has been lost? in addition would this only trigger with level 0 cards or could I sneak in a level 3 card in without paying any extra?

The rule say if you fill up your deck you can purchase new level 0 card for free. If you purchase a higher level card you have definitely pay the additional point of experience. For new level 0 card I suppose it depends on how you interpret the grim rule. Technically this card says you have to pay the additional point of xp (if you have at least one) for every level 0 card you purchase to fill your deck. — Tharzax · 1
I think you wouldn't need to pay one more to fill with a level 0 card, as you are not technically purchasing a new card, just filling adding a new one so your deck has the minimum number of cards, but if you were actively purchasing a higher level card, then you'd need to pay the extra 1xp. — Gsayer · 1
According to the rule for deckbuilding you actively have to purchase the cards. There is an exception for the costs that says if you do so to complete your deck your are able to purchase the new level 0 cards for 0 xp. So from the wording of DtRH the costs increase since the effect of cards need to be resolved if they can. Compare the rules for abilities and deckbuilding. — Tharzax · 1
The grim rule is only a temporary solution to speed up the game if you can’t find a rule, it’s not for deckbuilding — Django · 4434
Seal of the Elder Sign

It is funny that nobody mentioned two of the most powerful elder signs reactions.

Jim Culver: take out an elder sign a transform it in a skull (0). With this you can force multiple reactions, like getting another clue with sixth sense or an additional damage with either****.

However, the most effective combo I got was

  • Song of the dead plus eldritch inspiration for a 5 damage without test...
  • An additional card as I activated crystal pendulum...
  • Heal an horror with the trumpet.

Wendy parallel: the additional two curse tokens and a +2 (w/o effect). It could be extremely powerful.

  • Do you have Armageddon 4xp? You get two additional damage (for a total of 4) or two additional charges.
  • Do you have eye of chaos 4xp? Two clues plus another two somewhere else.
JordiC · 78