Dr. Charles West III

This card was clearly made with Kate Winthrop in mind:

  • Science trait, so Kate can move a clue to it.
  • Allows Kate to hold an extra Tool asset which she can also move a clue to.
  • Deals damage, which plays into Kate filling a flex role.

Other seekers won't usually care about dealing damage and may not have the card slots to control how much they succeed by. Kate will usually be running other Science cards that also require succeeding by a certain amount, such as Chemistry Set and Empirical Hypothesis. This adds value to cards like Analysis and Steady-Handed that she would likely already be running.

Cards that provide free investigations like Eon Chart or Testing Sprint will up the odds of triggering it. What's more, the damage dealt can even hit Elite enemies, which is notable since it doesn't require making an attack against a boss enemy that may have Retaliate, high fight value, or some nasty effect.

SairRacc · 2
The Necronomicon

An AI-generated ode to Daisy's bane, The Necronomicon:

In a quiet room
Where shadows creep
A librarian's solitude
Forever to keep
She stumbled upon an ancient lore
Bound in leather
A book evermore

[Verse 2]
With trembling hands
She touched its spine
Unaware of the secrets
Within confined
Whispers of darkness
Seducing her soul
A chilling sensation
Starting to unfold

Whispers of darkness
Calling her name
Lost in the pages of a sinister game
The librarian tainted by the book's cruel touch
A haunting melody
She can't escape its clutch

Hear the song here: suno.com

GeneralXy · 37
Stella Clark

One thing I particularily like about Stella is her ability to get the difficulty down to 0. Especially when investigating. And the survivor card pool has many ways to get the shroud down and reward shroud 0. Two Quick Learner, Old Keyring and Gumption will get a shroud 6 down to 0. Then throw in Shed a Light to get a ton of clues. Winging It is also really fun to pair with Shed a Light. Resourceful make sure you get Shed a light back on hand, and True Survivor keeps you playing those brutal combos all through the game!

Drakanda · 3
This post is a good example of why playing with the taboo list is a good idea for experienced players. Many of these exploitable card/combos are rebalanced by taboo. In this case, both Old Keyring 3 and Shed A Light have had their xp costs raised to more appropriate levels. While Resourceful hasn't been taboo'd, there has been speculation that it will be eventually. I enjoy playing power decks, but the taboo list keeps most of the truly gross combos in check. — Pseudo Nymh · 41
I realize now that I mis-read the review and thought it was about disliking the power of this combo, so my comment above is a little off the theme for the review. If you haven't played Stella with Old Keyring and Shed A Light, it is indeed a great time and you should try it out! If you start to feel that certain decks/combos are a little too good check out the taboo list. — Pseudo Nymh · 41
Olive McBride

This card would be a really good token enabler that ppl would want to have in their decks, if it weren't for the recent ruling on Rod of Carnamagos that turned that card into the best token enabler ever, for 0 XP, no action and no risk of having to resolve the tokens and fail a test. Such a great ruling...

I had both in my Kōhaku deck, and there is really no "either/ or". Take both, they combo well together. Besides: the Rot Rod is really strong, but requires a non-elite enemy on the board. Olive can be used as well, when the Rod is offline. — Susumu · 347
I guess you missed the point of my "review". I'm not saying ppl should not get Olive, I'm saying the current ruling on Rod is broken and the card have no place being a much better token enabler than a 2XP card designed with that specific intent. — DakonBlackblade · 4
I made a couple reviews (on the level 2 Rod and "Living Ink") regarding this interaction, too. I agree, it is a strong enabler, probably busted. But I also kind of think, without the Rod, the archtype would still be weak. I had imense fun on my HV blind run with a Kōhaku deck, abusing this, but of course, it's something to do once and move on, otherwise it gets boring. Also, the level 0 version is much weaker than the level 2 on it's own (though sufficient as a nested token pull manipulator), but also can be put only once into your deck, which makes it less consistent. Olive can be used on other cards as well, like "Voice of Ra", and the double "Ritual Candles" to make Curses 0 and Blesses +4 (and the "Occult Reliquary" to hold them both aside a Rod) are imho equally busted in this build. — Susumu · 347
What this package, I mean Rod, Olive AND Candles, not one without the others, does, is making binder fodder cards like the Innsmouth Spell assets or maybe even "Song of the Dead" strong cards. — Susumu · 347
Fox Mask

If you move with such enemy (ex. if you are engaged with it), do you also get the offering?

This is a great niche card, +2 for is useful in many situations, but specially when you can abuse its replenish trigger ^.^

soymauro · 1
I am certain you no longer "move out of a location with an enemy" if you take said enemy with you, unless there is another enemy at that location. — AlderSign · 221
In an email they specify an engaged enemy will move with you. Unless there's an additional enemy at the location you left you will not get a charge by simply moving with an enemy engaged with you. — gw1108 · 1
@AlderSign/ @gw1108 : Do y'all have any intel on whether moving out of a location with two enemies (leaving them both behind) would count as two distinct procs? I could see it either way since you move out of the location once, but the end should maybe have been "a location with any enemies" if that was the intention — Malcoto · 3