The selling point of this boy bad is that seekers can also take it. For mystics, Norman Withers (yes, he is a true mystics) especially likes this card. As it allows Norman to use his high intellect instead of using his slightly lower will power to investigate. Pairing Divination with True Magick, a card which Norman can and should take, enable him to nab 3 clues in an action each round and sprint through the scenario quickly. This simple strategy also off-set the main limitation of Divination, which is that it only had 6 charges to nab 6 clues.

liwl0115 · 29
True Magick revealing Divination can get one clue per round, because True Magick only has one charge per round. — Thatwasademo · 42
Superb in solo play to clear locations in one action. Use it as complement to your ordinary investigate actions to save charges, when the game is on the line. — Skrattmas · 8
It's short-lived nature can also be a feature if you're running Dexter. Empty charges are actually still useful for him. — Maseiken · 1
unfortunately I think Thatwasademo's comment is correct. D (4) is still good though — liwl0115 · 29

Here are a few cards you may be interested to look at if you wanna slam around this bad boy:

Relentless that can be recurred by Yorick to turn all these silly damages into resources, that you can spend with Scrapper to boost the smaller attack, or in Plucky (3) to investigate when there are no other enemies. Keen Eye covers for both in .

Safeguard (2) so that you can save all the moving actions, and simply spend your turns eradicating everything that you collected on behalf of your teammates.

• Drawing Thin to turn the ridiculous +5 into resources/card draw.

• Live and Learn and Oops! as mentioned, especially paired with Drawing Thin to one-shot big bosses. It was correctly mentioned that you can use 2 Live and Learn on the same failed test, and even use Resourceful while doing the new test of Live and Learn to get it back and so on.

• Well Prepared for a +4 +1 damage, ammo-free weapon. You can also use it on Plucky (3) is you took it too for a good capacity to discover clues on empty turns.

• Riot Whistle to engage the enemies that your teammates draw and still have the 3 available to kill the threat without risking the 360--No-Scope on your partner in crime.

Police Badge for the extra 2 actions that allow you to use the big hit and still have 2 actions to play. Also helps you with Well Prepared against tests.

• Nightmare Bauble and Eucatastrophe can also give you a little safety net against friendly fire.

• Jury-Rig for the 1 attack.

• Prepared for the Worst of course to find it.

• Nine of Rods to find more enemies to turn into jam

• Brand of Cthugha potentially for 1 hp attacks.

• Unrelenting to get 2 cards since you don't mind cancelling the better tokens

• Brute Force as a safety weapon for 3 health enemies when you have only one action.

• Galvanize that you can use on a Beat Cop (2) to get an extra action for an extra attack and an extra testless damage, resulting in 10 damages in 1 turn.

Scavenging so that you can play the first one that you draw and commit the second one on the small attack, and get it back to your hand whenever you would succeed an investigation by 2 or more.

Off colour:

• Lucky Cigarette Case (0) of course, and if your teammate is Bob Jenkins, Lucky Cigarette Case (3).

• Shortcut/Pathfinder to move and hit

• Some succeed by shenanigans like Gregory Gry, "Watch this!" or All In that you can commit on your mate that is playing the Sledgehammer (4).

Feel free to tell me in the comments other good synergies and I'll update that review!

Valentin1331 · 10809
I think you miss to mention, that the investigator for this list is yorick and probably danyela and Tommie. Also why do you mention brand of cthuga? The hammer provides the same effect without drawbacks. And probably you find a friend who enchant your reliable weapon. — Tharzax · 1
Scavenging/recurring tech was great when I use this card for committing the 2nd copy for 3 combat. The first copy found usually stay around. I actually left the lower version in the deck as I quite like the 2 action swing. In the case I setup with lower version, this 4 XP commit to support the lower version's swing. — 5argon · 1256
I thought about it, but couldn't really find an investigator that can somehow succeed investigations by 2 or more reliably, while wanting to use both hand slots with the Sledgehammer. I'll add a line for it though, because who knows what's coming up in the future :) — Valentin1331 · 10809
Probably Ashcan or Zoey with sixth sense as splash card? — Tharzax · 1
I was using a janky Crafty + Jury Rig hammer Wendy deck that manage to use Lockpicks to revive the hammer but involves some clunky hand slot juggling. Otherwise, Prof. William Webb could work for that purpose too. — 5argon · 1256
Live and Learn

Recently, I hear that I can play multiple Live and Learn for a single failed test. After the test initiated by L&L finished, the timing would go back to the initial failed test and the second copy of L&L could be play. That make me think some big combo.

Step 1: using Will to Survive(3) to avoid drawing chaos tokens.

Step 2: Fight with Sledgehammer(4) triple-action ability (+5 fight +5 damage) and using double Drawing Thin and/or Quick Learner(4) to make the difficulty of the test 1 or 2 above your fight value and failed the test.

Step 3: Using L&L to fight again. With +2 skill from L&L, the test is successful and L&L go into the discard pile.

Step 4: The timing is still after the first failed test, so we can play the second copy of L&L to fight again with Resourceful to get the first copy of L&L in discard pile back .

Step 5: Using the copy of L&L we get back from discard pile to fight again with second copy of resourceful to get another copy L&L back.

Step 6: Using the final copy of L&L to fight again... for total 24 damages in one turn for the boss.

Is it worth it?

Chris_yang · 2
Add some Oops! (2) for another 6 damage each. — Death by Chocolate · 1137
Playing this combo on an exhausted or engaged enemy: cool and awesome. — Maseiken · 1
Playing it on one engaged with another gator: war crime. — Maseiken · 1
The effects of Drawing Thin would persist on the Live and Learn tests, though, right? — housh · 140
Yes, Drawing thin would carry to the L&L attempts, so use Will to Survive(3) and the +2 skill build in the L&L to ensure the success. — Chris_yang · 2
Bonnie Walsh

The true backbone of Arkham has arrived, and WOW is she a powerhouse of an ally! Not only is she Unexpected Courage on tap (get it?) but she also gives you second shots at your favorite exhausting friends! Tabooed professors extend your grant money, the cat army gives you more chances for buffs - hell, maybe you can even get a second try on some precarious tests!

supertoasty · 25
She is very good but is unlikely to see play outside Charlie Kane deck ;p — Susu · 35
I'm curious if Miss Doyle will see use in Charlie's decks. An extra ally is good but they all only contribute one icon to any given test... — Maseiken · 1
Each of the cats have two stats that don't match their ability, so unless you need them for a Willpower test, they are either worth +2 with Charlie's ability (remember that it adds 1+pips), or +4 if you use them to test at base 5! Miss Doyle has a wild icon so she is always worth +2. That is +4 to +6 total each round for 3 resources and 1xp. It seems like it would be harder to find reasons to not include the cat army in ANY Charlie deck. — Death by Chocolate · 1137
That is compelling, yeah. I found Yorick with a creatures build quite powerful but the cat army was more finicky to pilot than I expected — Maseiken · 1
Joey "The Rat" Vigil

Just wondering something about Joey's second ability. It says "Discard an Item asset from play: Gain 2 resources". I'm sure I'm reading it wrong but would that not mean you could discard items in other players play areas? It doesn't say your play area.

I'm sorry but the review section is not for question; I think BGG is great place to quest the rule. Another review by Nenananas handles this issue. To pay something as the cost, you need to control; thus, you can only discard the item you control. — elkeinkrad · 311