Mind's Etude for Violin

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Yazstromo · 2

Patrice deck for a 3-player Circle Undone blind playthrough. Other players will be Trish Scarborough and an as-yet-undecided Guardian (or possibly Gloria Goldberg, if we want to risk not having a dedicated monster handler). Alternative name for the deck was "Sonata for Violin in E-ye Mind-or", but it didn't flow as nicely.

Aim of the game is to take advantage of Patrice's high Will stat to use Mind's Eye, and her strong deck cycle to find the extra copies to pitch for secrets. Throw in Cornered, add some Improvised events, a Moonstone - baby, you've got a stew going.

Probable upgrade path:

Other interesting cards (either for Lvl 0 or upgrades):

  • Lucky! (because it's Lucky. Only reason it's not in here is because it costs resources and Live and Learn doesn't. Lvl 3 upgrade could be good to make room for)
  • Trial by Fire (expensive, but potentially helpful backup plan if Mind's Eye buries itself at the bottom of my deck)
  • Enraptured (mentioned earlier; helps to get more secrets for Mind's Eye, but can only use in an Investigate with Intellect)
  • Recall the Future (could be a good complement to Mind's Eye for boosting tests and minimising nasty tokens; not sure where to make the space unless I use Versatile)
  • A Test of Will (might be interesting given the high Will stat)
  • The Fool • 0 (could be a neat way to use my Tarot slot and assist with the resource problems I'm likely to face as Patrice. Downside is it's costly to play if not in my opening hand; also that RtTCU hasn't arrived in Australia yet)