Detective Noir | Thematic Parallel Roland

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Detective Noir | Thematic Parallel Roland 0 0 0 1.0

Axolotl · 207


'The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.' I agree with the second part.

Detective Noir is a flex deck that uses the new Parallel Roland front and back from By The Book to take advantage of turning Insight and Tactic event fast while engaged with enemies. Is this deck actually good? No idea - but if you like to have every turn become a challenging puzzle of restrictions like me, check it outl! And it's totally thematic too!

Good Cop - Arresting Suspects and Interrogating Them

With Handcuffs, Detective Banks can arrest suspicious Humanoid enemies, and proceed to engage them to escort the harmless suspect throughout the remainder of the scenario. He can Interrogate the suspect about the Scene of the Crime, or he can resort to Burning the Midnight Oil and Winging It, netting Roland valuable clues to Seek The Truth.

These Insights and Tactics are made even more efficient and won't provoke enemies by following strict Red Tape regulations with Due Diligence. If there are no enemies in play, the detective can continue his search for clues with his Flashlight .

Bad Cop - Closing the Case, By Any Means Necessary

When facing inhuman enemies, the first thing Detective Banks wants to do if there are still clues at his location is to discover them with his fast Insights or Tactics. With clues, Roland can convince his rookie partner Alice Luxley to help him stop the monsters.

After completing the Seek the Truth regulation, the detective will be allowed to use his various combat skills to take down the monsters with his .38 Special or .45 Automatic. If all else fails, he may also resort to an Act of Desperation, chucking away his various Items that are out of uses for an economy boost.

By the Book - Following Your Regulations

  • Due Diligence is quite simple to follow, since most enemies will not survive more than 2 gunshots and a punch from your rookie partner. However, Detective Banks shouldn't be afraid to break this Regulation if his life is in danger.

  • Red Tape is the difficult one. This is why Detective Roland doesn't have many fast or reactive events - since those will take away from the precious amount of plays you can do every turn. Your extra non-play actions should be used to move, investigate, engage or fight if possible.

  • Seek the Truth changes the way Roland is usually played - you want to stay at locations without clues as often as possible, or clear your locations as fast as you can, especially before the Mythos Phase, to be able to commit cards to nasty treacheries. This is why we have few skills to help with investigation - most of your cluegetting methods will be testless, or can be used with Due Diligence.

Potential Upgrades - One Last Case Before Retirement

Variants - Other Genres

If you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to comment!


Jul 03, 2021 chirubime · 17792

Chef's Kiss :D Can't wait to see this in action.

Jul 06, 2021 GrueneLupenAufheben · 75

You can't take Michael Leigh. He is Guardian / Seeker (5), you can only take (3).

Jul 06, 2021 Laerthes · 1

@Succubus1985"Take the normal Roland deckbuilding..."

Jul 07, 2021 yunke0123 · 1

Can't wait to try it out!

Jul 09, 2021 CaiusDrewart · 2745

Does making Scene of the Crime Fast work?

Jul 09, 2021 captainequinox · 14

I've been playing this deck through TCU and it's very fun--it does take some work to remember all the directives but that's actually a great part of the theme. My only negative is that Seek the Truth only ever seems to be in my way, and I've only used the benefit a few times. I think next time I might swap to Leave no Doubt

Jul 09, 2021 Axolotl · 207

@CaiusDrewartYeah that's a great question - it's ambiguous but the ruling on Double Double for Scene of the Crime seems to imply that "first action" is quite vague and not as limiting as it seems. Still weird though!

@captainequinoxYeah, the restrictions are quite limiting! I took all the most restrictive ones for the jankiest turns, but Leave no Doubt is a great replacement! Glad you're having fun with it!

Jul 21, 2021 isuscbrmid · 32

Im testing this deck through Innsmouth, first escenario crushed easily (Standard difficulty). Red tape directive is too powerful. I played without Tsetsuo Mori and emergency cache (used to draw 3 cards for. fast action).

Sep 09, 2021 DeadGuy · 19

Nice build and guide, probably the best one we have for the new Roland at the moment. I changed a few things, the signatures and like 5-6 cards, but I think I gonna use something similar for Innsmouth.