Skids - Ultimate Hatchet Man (Deck Guide)

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chirubime · 5427


Clue: 3 | Enemy Mgmt: 9 | Treachery: 6 | Tempo: 7 | Consistency: 8

This is the ultimate Parallel Skids deck for enemy management in non-conventional ways. You will be using evasion as an engine with Pickpocketing straight into unloading the dual-wielded .25 Automatic into the enemy you have just evaded. If you still haven't killed that enemy, your Hatchet Man and Delilah O'Rourke should do the trick. It is optimized to do only fighting and evading. If you want to be more balanced put in 4 copies of "Look what I found!" / "Look what I found!".

The deck will need to be adjusted for campaigns where on-engage effects can be quite damaging. You can tech in Decoy, Breaking and Entering, and Cheap Shot that help you evade enemies without having to engage them ideally. Decoy is particularly interesting in that you can evade 2 enemies in 1 action and the .25 Automatic will be able to trigger for each of the enemies you evaded.

So because a bit of this deck requires you to push into oversucceeding and reliably gambling off your investigator ability, its best played on standard difficulty. The harder campaigns such as Forgotten Age and Innsmouth can also be problematic for Gregory Gry, "Watch this!", and Lucky Cigarette Case.

I really love .25 Automatic so here are a few other decks that use it:


Typical Turn - Move into position by using Track Shoes to get to the location where the enemies are. Begin enemy management by evasion. Always use Practice Makes Perfect on evasion attempts. The goal is to stretch Hatchet Man into 4 uses with Practice Makes Perfect. Your backup Practiced target is Momentum and then if you have to, Three Aces. After you evade the enemy, trigger both copies of Pickpocketing for card draw and resources. Then trigger the reaction abilities on .25 Automatic and/or Delilah O'Rourke.

Sustaining Firepower - Parallel Skids is one of the rare investigators who has access to Act of Desperation and Sleight of Hand (and uses them well). The most conservative way to play these cards is to play a .25 Automatic without Sleight of Hand, we will name this Auto A. Auto A will be used in emergencies and in situations where the enemy has only 2-3 health. Auto B is the .25 Automatic in your hand. You will be looking to Sleight of Hand that copy repeatedly when there are multiple enemies or enemies with health of 4+. Always try to use the Auto B before using Auto A since you return it to hand at the end of the round. Try to use Act of Desperation on Auto A when its out of ammo. You can recur .25 Automatic, Act of Desperation, and Sleight of Hand all with Eucatastrophe and Shrine of the Moirai.

Feeling Lucky - Four of the Lucky!, Lucky! draw you cards. You want to play these before you play the Lvl 0 Lucky. This is because whenever, you get an effect to go off, its better to have the Lvl 2 Lucky in your discard pile so that you can retrieve it. and tests should be leveraged via Eucatastrophe. Then you can recur Eucatastrophe with Shrine of the Moirai. Just beautiful loops for days. You also cycle pretty quickly so don't be afraid to flip through your deck. As for Shrine, if you managed to hold a copy of 3 Aces with PMP in your hand, you can grab the other 2 copies with Shrine this way. If you can't deal with the treachery for whatever reason, just toss it at your teammates with "You handle this one!".

Resource Engine - "Watch this!" and your ability are probably the easiest ways to generate resources. You also have Pickpocketing and Gregory Gry, but those require a little more effort. Try to use Gregory on your high evades since you can test at 6 with Delilah and Track Shoes (and then Hatchet Man or Manual Dexterity) on top of that.

Card Engine - Dream-Enhancing Serum should be played with a bit of forethought. Keep a Lucky in hand to match and draw off that. Also, think about what are other duplicates in your deck such as Hatchet Man and 3 Aces since both of these can be tutored into your hand with PMP. 4/6 of your Lucky's also draw you cards. Lucky Cigarette Case and Pickpocketing also help draw.


Hah. Actually you're incredibly resilient to tests. Firstly, you have 6 copies of Lucky. Secondly, (3) tests are actually amazing for you since you can proc Eucatastrophe off to grab a card. Lastly, just "You handle this one!" the card to your .


Delilah O'Rourke - Extremely important for the two stats you will be using the most often.

Backpack, Lucky Cigarette Case - Your tutor assets help you assemble your combo. I would prioritize Practice Makes Perfect lower than these two. Backpack is especially important to find your .25 Automatic, Lucky Cigarette Case, Dream-Enhancing Serum, Track Shoes.

Dream-Enhancing Serum, Pickpocketing - Engine cards to generate economy and card draw.

Sleight of Hand, Lucky!, Three Aces - Starting early with a Sleight of Hand can help you get out of tough binds before you have the resources to actually play out your weapons. Keep a copy of 3 Aces and/or Lucky to trigger Dream-Enhancing Serum early. But only do this after you have already found your other engine cards.


I've linked a template for the 0 Exp Campaign Starter deck.

The 0 EXP version of this deck and the upgrade path to this final build is a bit of a shortcoming for this deck. You have to focus on an entirely different strategy until you can get the EXP. You will be relying on using Act of Desperation and Sleight of Hand on .45 Thompson and buffing your and tanking treacheries thru Lonnie Ritter. There will ONLY be 2 Practiced traits (Hatchet Man). You can either play Overpower and Adaptable in the Hatchet Man later. You also play Oops to help you get through multiple enemies at the same location. If nothing else, they are 2 icons.


Taboo - Just play All In and Double or Nothing with your 3 Aces, Quick Thinking, Manual Dexterity, Hatchet Man, Watch This and profit.

Clue - "Look what I found!", "Look what I found!" are really useful for triggering Dream-Enhancing Serum and grabbing bursts of clues. Probably more suitable as flex clues in a larger player count.

Damage - Oops!, Oops! can help aid harder difficulties where success is much more up in the air. Also, certain campaigns have aloof enemies that will be a hassle to evade because the .25 Automatic cannot trigger the reactionary ability when the aloof enemy moves off you. Your options are to use Delilah, but you can also play 1-2 copies of Lupara.

More Actions - Charisma + Leo De Luca, Haste, Nimble are all great ways to generate extra actions. All good considerations. I didn't play Nimble despite it being a really neat combo where you gamble zero resources and then ensure you can pass the test you have Nimble committed to. But since this deck plays Track Shoes, the need for Nimble gets reduced.

Considerations - Narrow Escape is always useful especially when you need to engage enemies off other investigators while you have enemies already on you. Daring Maneuver and its upgrade can be useful for helping you succeed by 2 where it counts. I'm not sure i can find the space for those cards. Hot Streak/Hot Streak is quite nice in situations where you can't reliably gain money with your ability.

Traps - Don't play Daredevil. That's for a different build. That's for a build where you dump Fortuitous Discovery into your discard pile for Skids to play. But this build does NOT play that because it will almost always disrupt your 3 Aces. I mean you could technically just hold your Daredevils until after you already played out your 3 Aces, but at that point, you burden your deck with too much tricky piloting.


May 16, 2021 troyebloom · 1

Looks like fun! I would be excited to try this as a standalone seeing as you mentioned how the upgrade path can be a little frustrating. It's perfect that it is 39 exp!

May 16, 2021 ryanbrocksten · 1

This is a really interesting application of the newer Innsmouth cards like Shrine of Moirai and 25 Auto. Love it! One quick question, can this be played with OG Skids front?

May 16, 2021 chirubime · 5427

@ryanbrocksten Yeah! I was super surprised that Shrine was a Fortune card. Felt like a gimme for Skids. If I had to pick some of my favorite events in Seeker, Rogue, and Survivor respectively, I immediately think Practice Makes Perfect, Sleight of Hand, and Lucky/Act of Desperation. Having a character that plays all of these just feels like a gimme.

I think you can play OG Skids front with this, but I'm not sure if you will have enough resource generation outside a taboo-free build. Especially when you don't get enemies to pool your Watch This feet icons into, that can be very challenging. It is uncharted territory, so please get back to me with how you find it goes

May 16, 2021 DigitalAgeHermit · 17

This is a really cool deck; I've been interested in trying a .25 Automatic deck since I saw the card spoiled. Your build feels a lot more creative than my Asset-bloated Finn build... may have to borrow some of your tech :D

I'm not sure how the idea of including DES in a 6-Lucky! Parallel Skids deck hadn't occurred to me before, but for that alone, I wish I could give you more than one like

May 18, 2021 suika · 7772

It's unfortunate that it's seems a bit under-powered at 39 XP if running a standalone, and as you say has trouble getting going if running in a typical 30-40 XP campaign. Probably a fun deck to play though, though you'll almost certainly need Obol for it and your teammates to carry you through the first few scenarios.

Is it actually legal to build this deck though? The extra copies of Lucky (2) and Lucky (3) doesn't count towards your deck size, while Versatile increases your deck size by 5. Therefore, shouldn't your deck size be at 35 before the extra 4 copies of Lucky, not after?

May 18, 2021 chirubime · 5427

@suika OMG, I totally miscounted when I cloned the deck from a campaign play. It should have 39 cards with 4 extra copies of Lucky. The cards I played, now that I'm checking the campaign deck were:

May 18, 2021 chirubime · 5427

@troyebloom @suika I just noticed this. I don't think you can play this kind of deck in standalone. The 6 lucky upgrade requires you to play campaign. That also means that the build isn't really 39 exp, its 35 exp because of the way the Lucky's upgrade. You only spend 6 EXP for 10 EXP worth of Lucky's.

May 18, 2021 chirubime · 5427

Sorry, I got mixed up between answering the standalone and the actual way Skids works. Its a 39 exp not 35 exp, but you definitely cannot play 6 copies of Lucky in a standalone since the upgrading process is absent in standalone.

May 18, 2021 eunbi · 1

Glad you included a Tony build as well for the new weapon. Will you be making lists for Finn, Wini, Trish, Jenny, Sefina please too? Thanks!

May 18, 2021 Sleben · 1

Hello, man. Could you please tell me how did you do to get all the Lucky! in the Deck? I can't do the same for Agnes purchasing several Ward of Protection or Shrivelling by using his Alternate Back Option. Where's the option for that? Thank you!

May 19, 2021 chirubime · 5427

@Sleben When you build a deck, there should be an option that says "Ignore limit". It shows up on Lucky. I don't know if ArkhamDB has spells programmed like such. Because I don't see it for when I made my Parallel Agnes decks.

May 21, 2021 Sleben · 1

@chirubimethat's right! Damn, must be a bug or something they haven't noticed. Well, thank you!

May 22, 2021 CanoninDick · 4

The tony deck is pretty inspired

May 22, 2021 GermaneRiposte · 1

What is the side deck for?

May 24, 2021 Ponso · 2

How do you handle getting out of ammo? the deck looks great and really funny but since you are only foccused on enemy management as the group "guardian" im kinda worried about getting out of ammo with only the 2 guns specially against beefy enemies

May 25, 2021 chirubime · 5427

@Ponso In the guide I talk about how to maximize your ammo in the section Sustaining Firepower. I'll summarize it here. Act of Desperation and Sleight of Hand help you get extra use of out your weapon. Eucatastrophe and Shrine of the Moirai pull your weapon from your discard pile back into your hand. You have extra damage from Delilah O'Rourke and Hatchet Man in addition to just the ammo on .25

Feel free to play Contraband and Emergency Cache along with a Lupara or 2 if you feel you are lacking ammo.

May 25, 2021 chirubime · 5427

@suika I counted. its 35 cards excluding the Luckys. I think you scared me into thinking I messed up the deck template XD

May 26, 2021 Ponso · 2

Emergency cache can add ammo? Ty for the answer !

May 28, 2021 Django · 3683

Emergency Cache does not add ammo but you can use it's resources to pay for cards that do. I recommend Swift Reload.

Venturer puts supply or ammo tokens on his location, so he can convert supplies to ammo. You could use Versatile to add him to your deck and Calling in Favors to search for him.

May 28, 2021 suika · 7772

So that Event (13) was a brazen lie!

Jun 12, 2021 chuu · 1

thank for the tony deck. will be playing it this weekend

Jul 11, 2021 OzValdo · 448

Even with obol how on earth does one accumulate these many experience points…a bit pointless without the experience points no pun intended …..

Jul 12, 2021 Gunshot · 1

39 experience is pretty doable. Maybe just get good at the game? and/or don't play Dunwich. @OzValdo

Jul 18, 2021 Darshas · 1

This deck isn't a valid one since : "A player's investigator deck may not include more than 2 copies (by title) of any given player card." Thus, you can't put more than 2 copies of Lucky!

Jul 18, 2021 Shakiko · 3

The deck is valid - Skid's deckbuilding section explicitly says that when he is upgrading Fortune and Gambit cards (Lucky is a Fortune card), he can add additonal copies to his deck, and those copies DON'T COUNT towards decksize nor number of copies in his deck.

Jul 19, 2021 Darshas · 1

Yes, sorry didnt see that part. Ty.

Aug 16, 2021 tipsyWocky · 1

Maybe it's stupid question, but why we use alternate Skids >front< ? It doesn't look like we will use his quick gamble ability. We hope for elder sign for Hatchet Man recycling? Or this deck just so resourse-hugry and we haven't resourses for additional action from original Skid at all?

Sep 12, 2021 Eudaimonea · 1

This is a nice list and guide. Worth noting that the latest taboo list obsolesced a lot of the (undeniably sound) strategy listed above, so I think the question of the new “ultimate” Skids build is very much in play. With both Eucatastrophe and Three Aces removed from game, this build probably can’t be reconciled with the current meta, barring major revisions.