"I've Found Some Prints!"

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ElseWhere · 1823

"I've found some prints!"

Roland sighed and asked the witness he was interviewing if she'd wait a moment. The student nodded, and the detective turned to face the local forensic he'd been assigned.

"Ursula, it's a university, of course there are gonna be prints. We already found the ones that matter, though, they're in the Library."

He stooped to brush the excess powder from the ledge she'd been lifting the prints from and stopped. There were traces of blood mixed in with the fingerprint powder. Whoever's prints she just lifted had blood on their hands, not twenty feet from the Orne Library's entrance.

"Ursula, hang on, these might be–"

From about thirty feet away, most of the way across the quad, he distantly heard her voice.

"I found more prints!"

Roland shot upright. How did she get over there that fast? And why hadn't she been–oh, what the hell. Looks like this little local FT was worth her salt (or print dust) and more.

Introducing Ursula Downs, Forensic Technician for the Arkham Police Department!

Basically, Ursula is gonna overeagerly dust the entire planet (and potentially other dimensions) for prints, one campaign at a time. Absurdist cop-show-inspired humor combines with compression to make a solid 2+ player party cluever!

While she's doing that, she'll also be running tests on her samples, translating those odd symbols you found, etc. etc. She's a busy bee and takes her job very seriously!

The main goal is to get your Fingerprint Kit set up so that Ursula's ability discovers 2 clues each time, 3 with Deduction. Emergency Cache will help with refilling your Kit(s) when they run low, or your upgraded Solution if necessary. Kit, Cache, and Solution all conveniently attach to Backpack, so don't worry–Ursula brings all her crime scene investigation tools with her everywhere she goes!

To help with the asset-heavy nature of this deck, both Burning the Midnight Oil and Unearth the Ancients can be used for Ursula's ability, allowing you to actionlessly gain resources or put more of your setup into play. Finally, in emergencies she keeps a cool head and her Manual Dexterity will help her dodge out of the way of scary monsters–not that she believes in monsters. After all, there's a rational explanation for every crime!

And if she only dusts for enough prints, she'll be sure to find it!