Jim Culver - How to Make Curse of Aeons Work

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OzValdo · 584

Jim’s Harmful Punishing Curses

This is a multi player support character picking clues and fighting. If its with sister Mary even better!

Opening hand

Mulligan for Olive McBride & Holy Rosary.


Dump as many Curse tokens in the bag to take advantage of Armageddon & Eye of Chaos.

Either use Olive to reveal a curse token amongst the 3 drawn, and choose it.
Or just do a normal draw and if you revealed a curse token, then use Olive to draw 3 further tokens...

If you don’t draw your staple arcane assets, then read the signs, drawn to the flame, and spectral razor will help.

Use enraptured to investigate a low shroud location and put more charges on Armageddon & Eye of Chaos.

Olive & the two arcane assets do exhaust but their impact is so high you won't generally need to trigger it twice in a turn

Upgrade Path - in this order

+2 Curse of Aeons -2 Unexpected Courage

+2 Favor of the Moon -2 Enraptured

+2 Armageddon -2 Armageddon

+2 Eldritch Inspiration -2 Spectral Razor

+2 upgraded Eye of Chaos -2 Eye of Chaos

Upgrade cards review

Curse of Aeons will let your curse tokens remain in bag, and skulls are a 0 for you anyhow.

Favor of the Moon allows curse tokens on tap. Amazing with the upgraded Armageddon or Eye of Chaos.

Eldritch Inspiration lets you trigger the upgraded Armageddon or Eye of Chaos twice !!! This combo would make other investigators fall off their chairs!

Armageddon lets you trigger as many times as you reveal & resolve curses! not just once. And it works on Elite enemies.
Similarly upgraded Eye of Chaos also triggers as many times as you reveal & resolve curses! Draw two curses to kick in curse of aeons...

Sword Cane is just a back up card. You could also swap this with Ritual Candles to support your token draws.

Have fun and let me know how if you happen to play with this deck…


Jul 10, 2021 anjopec · 56

Nice deck! However, I'd like to know why you'd want to ignore the curse tokens with Olive?

Jul 11, 2021 unremb · 226

Yes. "Support" the team with curses ;-)
Jokes aside, I can see a potentially viable strategy as a duo with Sister Mary using Paradoxical Covenant.

It'd be unpredictable to say the least!

Jul 11, 2021 OzValdo · 584

@anjopec Hello, thanks for the comments.
I want to reveal the curses via Olive, but not resolve them because Armageddon & Eyes of Chaos triggers on revealing only, and it means we leave the curses in the bag. Olive is 1 use per turn.
Curse of Aeons comes in ideally when Olive is not in use....

Jul 11, 2021 chirubime · 17792

@OzValdo I believe you are mistaken. Tokens ignored by Olive are considered not to have been revealed for the sake of effects that care about revealed tokens i.e. Recall the Future, Armageddon, Eye of Chaos, Voice of Ra.

Jul 11, 2021 OzValdo · 584

@chirubime was this clarified in a FAQ?

@anjopec anyhow, Curse of Aeons doesn't exhaust, so if the curses stack due to Olive, it can kick in

Jul 11, 2021 shortpunch · 150

@OzValdoYou can find a ruling on Defiance about cancelled and ignored tokens (in this case the token is ignored in it's entirety). So perhaps Olive McBride might not be the best ally here?

And unfortunately, Curse of Aeons does exhaust to use.

Jul 11, 2021 chirubime · 17792

@OzValdo Ruling is under Wendy Adams. The crux of the play that the deck is built around unfortunately does not work.

Jul 11, 2021 OzValdo · 584

@chirubime I don’t agree with you even if the ruling means that the use is limited. In my view even if Armageddon or Eye of chaos works once per turn it’s a big swing in itself.

Jul 11, 2021 gowonnie · 32

Yikes. You mention it both in the write up and in a response to anjopec. There is not even a chance that you will pass tests with this sort of build, which means that Enraptured is a wasted deckslot. (I feel like that card is only justifiable in Norman/Daisy/Gloria or if you're teching Flashlight to pass those 2 shroud locations). Your understanding of the game, and this instance of an untested deck (which it is since the way the deck is played isn't legal), is.... just doubling down on a failed attempt to innovate.

Jul 12, 2021 OzValdo · 584

@anjopec I've edited the description above. You're right that one must reveal and resolve the curse token in order to trigger it, just a reveal and ignore won't work. Thanks for pointing this out.

@gowonnie everyone's entitled to their view but your comments are derogatory.

Jul 12, 2021 OzValdo · 584

@unremb good idea with Paradoxical Covenant! that would really work with Sister Mary

Jul 12, 2021 Swekyde · 60

I have played a deck like this out of Luke, and ultimately it's better to go for Paradoxical Covenant if you don't have access to tools like Fey or Blasphemous Covenant. Curse of Aeons doesn't even play that nicely with the upgraded Curse spells as it will stop at a single Curse revealed (since the second is now treated as a Skull instead). You might still use it to mitigate the effects of poisoning the bag on other tests.

If you're on Favor of the Sun instead of Curse of Aeons you can fire off a Curse spell with Olive, hit at least one Bless or Curse, use the opposing Favor instead of a random draw and hope you hit into even more Curses and just pass the test.

Keeping your Curses in the bag isn't usually an issue because they're typically "costs" rather than "effects" like Blesses.

Jul 12, 2021 Heleen · 1

The ideas above are really great. I prefer those to the ones than the ones this decklist proposes. Hopefully people will read the comments on this decklist instead of just using this.

Jul 13, 2021 elkeinkrad · 343

As I know, Eldritch Inspiration don't work with upgraded Armageddon and all spells; it works with 0-level version, though. The reason is same with Voice of Ra. Eldritch Inspiration covers "if", "after", and "when", but doesn't cover "for each".

As I know, there is no ruling which directly states about ignored/canceled tokens in offical documents. However, you could find arkhamDB FAQ in Grotesque Statue, exactly same case for Olive. In addition, I think FAQ 2.5 infers about this ruling. It states "If multiple chaos tokens are revealed and all but 1 of them are canceled or ignored, this entry does not apply" and this infers canceled or ignored token doesn't trigger ability with if revealed condition.