Alessandra Zorzi - The negotiator

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Asto · 1

I just want to share the deck so other player can give me hints and stuff


Jun 06, 2024 NightSamu · 14

Hey Asto, I've just recently tapped into the green investigators and Alessandra is by far my favorite. As I was testing my build I found one thing very important: you really need enemies. Therefore I'm never going a deck with her without the ability to kick a nest of hornets: Maybe this will be more important than "Watch This" or Sneak Attack. Backstab is definetly nice since you can oneshot Zamacona. I didn't think about that, probably gonna use that card in my future decks. From my memory I really liked Gregory Gry as both, a bit soak and ressources, since you will most likely always succeed with a high amount on your parleys with those damn fine clothes you got.

Lastly, Vamp (0) is pretty bad for a parley card compared to Persuasion (Seeker) or String of Curses (Mystic). But later on the Vamp (3) is completely bonkers, since you can test all 4 skills with the same card!

I hope that feedback helps you and most importantly: have fun playing that charming lady!