Zoey Samaras: Dunwich Seeker Support

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dehora · 66

A build to work with and protect seekers in Dunwich Legacy. Thís is a tweak on Zoey Samaras: Dunwich Seeker Support that replaces Ward of Protection with Hard Knocks.

I really wanted to use True Grit and Let Me Handle This from Carcosa, as they Zoey to work like an Ally for the Seeker but decided to constrain it to 1 Core Set and Dunwich Legacy. The idea is to progress the character through the campaign and bring in cards as they appear in the story.

Because there's just one core set, she can't double up on cards like Evidence, Physical Training and Dodge. So there are some cards here to fill out the 30 number, such as Teamwork, but also the Overpowers.

Other decks that focuses on 1 Core, Dunwich and worth looking at is: 1 Core + Dunwich Series: Zoey. which pulls in some cards from the campaign, and, Here's Zoey which is just 1 Core and opening Dunwich.