Silver Twilight Fight Club Diana

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ArkhamJammer · 7

Kill all the monsters and mitigate the worst of the encounter deck with this Diana Stanley deck. Definitely needs to be paired with a strong cluever (currently crushing it with Luke).This deck was of me attempting to use counterpunch in an interesting way. Boxing gloves are amazing here because they allow you to get spirit events including ward of protection! The bandolier allows you to still have your blade in play, and once upgraded also provides a static boost. First upgrades should be at least one "I've had worse" for dodge, because it's a spirit event and dodge is not. After that it really depends on your play style and the campaign.



Apr 09, 2021 wallets · 152

Boxing Gloves into Spirit cards is pretty cool. Probably would add another Vicious Blow for the +1. Do you have Delay the Inevitable? Seems perfect for your kind of deck

Apr 10, 2021 ArkhamJammer · 7

@wallets Yes. Delay the Inevitable would be juicy being a spirit event too. On the upgrade path I found Blood Eclipse is insane with the Twilight Blade.